Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving: The Three Pillars of Lent

A good refresher before Lent starts tomorrow

Now That I'm Catholic

By Charles Johnston: 

Ash Wednesday is fast approaching, and with it the very Catholic anxiety about what we are “giving up for Lent.” Many of us focus so much on what we give up – a practice not made mandatory by the Church – that we neglect the three pillars of Lent; prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

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Saint Augustine Podcast

We are back in 2018, with one of the most important saints in the history of the Church. The impact that Saint Augustine has had on Christian philosophy and theology is immeasurable. Continue reading “Saint Augustine Podcast”

Pivotal Christmas Characters Podcast

The Magi and Saint Nicholas, they are two of the most recognizable characters of the Christmas season. What is their stories, and what can we learn from these famous men?

This episode of Christian Circle podcast covers their backstory, their legend, and what we can do to make Jesus the focus of our Christmas celebrations. Continue reading “Pivotal Christmas Characters Podcast”

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

By Charles Johnston:

I love Christmas music, but I don’t love modern Christmas music. I don’t have anything against secular Christmas songs like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer or Santa Claus is coming to town but they are far from being my favorites. Their biggest drawback being that they are about Christmas without Christ.

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Question; What About The Priest Scandal?

Full question by Anonymous:

Why haven’t you addressed the epidemic of pedophilia inside the Catholic Church? Including the cover up at the highest levels. Many priests are pedophiles, how can you be a member of such an organization?


This question comes as one of the many anonymous comments and emails I receive from people with an axe to grind with the Catholic Church. What I posted above is a sanitized paraphrasing of the most recent one (the actual comment was far too vulgar and inflammatory to republish), but this charge of rampant pedophilia against the church is so common, and at the same time so blatantly false, that I felt compelled to take a moment and address it. Continue reading “Question; What About The Priest Scandal?”

The Story of Salvation; Gideon 

By Charles Johnston:

Gideon is a well known person from the Bible, not so much for his own exploits, but because of the Gideon’s International. If that name sounds familiar it’s probably because you’ve seen it printed on the front of a Bible inside a hotel nightstand. Continue reading “The Story of Salvation; Gideon “