Ornate Churches 

Chapel inside the Palace of Versailles

By Charles Johnston:

Why build ornate churches? Why did the Catholic Church spend, what would amount to millions of dollars in today’s money, to build Saint Peter’s Basilica? Why do small churches, in small towns, spend so much money on building beautiful churches, when they could easily erect a cheap, utilitarian building and donate what was “wasted” to the poor? Continue reading “Ornate Churches “

Saint Paul Podcast 

Saint Paul is a universally loved and respected figure in Christianity. In this episode of the Christian Circle podcast, I discuss the life and legacy of this great Saint with Pamela Q Fernandes

We discus his biographical history, the story of his conversion, his life after conversion, and lessons we can learn from his life.

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Question; The Brown Scapular (Objections to Sacramentals)

Full question from John:

Hi, I was speaking to a Protestant friend of mine and he was telling me that the Brown scapular goes against the Bible. Could you please give me an answer to give him? God bless. Continue reading “Question; The Brown Scapular (Objections to Sacramentals)”

The Mass; Liturgy of The Word

A brief look at the Liturgy of The Word

By Charles Johnston:

In the First installment of this series we looked at the Introductory Rites of the Mass, in this installment we will look at the second part of the Mass; The Liturgy of The Word. Continue reading “The Mass; Liturgy of The Word”