Do You Believe This?

By Charles Johnston:

The promise of eternal life, and a reason for sufferings. These are the themes of John 11, they really deserve an entire book, and not just an online 2000 word post, but as one of my favorite chapters in the entire Bible I felt like giving it a go here.  Continue reading “Do You Believe This?”

Question: Do Catholics Believe Mary Can Save Thier Soul?

Full question by Anonymous:
Some people claim that Mary is a co-Savior. Is this what the Catholic Church believes? Does she have the power to save someone from hell? Continue reading “Question: Do Catholics Believe Mary Can Save Thier Soul?”

The Story of Salvation; The Bronze Serpent 

By Charles Johnston:

The Story of Salvation so far has took us from the garden of Eden, to the land of Canaan, to slavery in Egypt, and now we find the Israelites wondering in the desert.

Continue reading “The Story of Salvation; The Bronze Serpent “