Ornate Churches 

Chapel inside the Palace of Versailles

By Charles Johnston:

Why build ornate churches? Why did the Catholic Church spend, what would amount to millions of dollars in today’s money, to build Saint Peter’s Basilica? Why do small churches, in small towns, spend so much money on building beautiful churches, when they could easily erect a cheap, utilitarian building and donate what was “wasted” to the poor? Continue reading “Ornate Churches “

The Story of Salvation; Joseph 

By Charles Johnston:

The story of Joseph begins in the land of Paddan-aram, but he is only mentioned as being born in chapter 30. His story doesn’t start in earnest until chapter 37 of Genesis, at this point his story is the primary focus for the rest of the book. Continue reading “The Story of Salvation; Joseph “

The Story of Salvation; Jacob 

By Charles Johnston:


Jacob, like his grandfather Abraham, is a central character in the history of the people of Israel. So central, in fact, that the Israelites derive their very name from Jacob, but I’ll get to that latter.  Continue reading “The Story of Salvation; Jacob “